About me

I have always loved graphics and patterns on clothing. It has always seemed like the most accessible and universal form of art in the world. I would go shopping and look not just for clothes , but wearable art, statement pieces that reflected my personality and individual aesthetic. My art then became influenced by the clothes that I would buy and vice versa.

The origin is an inspiring lifestyle. The carioca (a girl born in Rio) is our starting point and our endpoint because we believe that beauty should be a state of mind. My happy place inspiration is translated into patterns, portraiting an urban life integrated with nature, with less high heels and more feet in the sand, less makeup, and more sun tan. Less flat iron and more hair drying in the wind after a swim in the sea.

In a natural and organic process, Costta, originally from Rio, managed to translate, who the girl from Rio is, inspiration for life! With that focus in mind, Costta integrates modern fashion design with traditional textile production. The focus on making connections, both within the community and between customers and producers, makes every piece a conversation starter and a bit of personal identity. My art then became influenced by the clothes that I would buy and vice versa.

Committed to long-term relationships based on transparency it's possible to act in an ethical, responsible, and sustainable manner throughout the chain. Therefore, we are working to make the best practices in the market a reality.